URL Outside Day 1 & Day 2 Recap Podcast

France & Vlad chop it up to discuss the 13 battles over the two-day event from URL’s Outside event.

All of the highs and lows and biggest storylines from the weekend of al the performances.

(12:00) Ms. Husle in her Prime and Myverse’s growing pains
(22:00) Mackk Myron welcoming party And Fonz showing levels
(33:00) Don Laydii Jade Dope opening battle
(37:00) Twork on a Mission and NXT shows heart
(46:35) Ave is back & Tru Foe Regressed
(57:00) Wishing Ace and Qleen finished thoroughly
(68:00) day 2 takeaways
(70:00) Swervoo breakout performance
(80:00) Snake Eyez Anderson Burrus Recap
(90:00) Danny Myers vs J2 Recap
(98:00) Sheed Happens vs Suge
(106:00) Tay Roc & Stumbles Recap

Recap Article will be available on

URL’s Outside Day 1 Recap

URL’s Outside Day 2 Recap



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