The Games Luck May Have Just RAN OUT!

In November of 2016, Game was ordered to pay Priscilla Rainey a default judgment of $7,130,100 after he blew off multiple court dates related to a civil lawsuit she filed against the rapper.

Game tried to fight the ruling, but a Court of Appeals ruled against him in October of 2019 and upheld the judgment due to the rap star’s supposed flagrant disrespect of the court.

Since then, Priscilla Rainey has actively pursued Game’s earnings and assets.

In her latest attempt to satisfy the judgment, Priscilla Rainey is looking to garnish and take control of Game’s Square payment account, his Paypal account, and any earnings he may have earned through Zelle.

The rapper vowed not to pay the judgment.

“Y’all been saying she got 7 million for 7 years & yet here I am, laid up tipsy off my 5th quarantini watching Tiger King lol,” Game said flashing a huge wad of $100 bills on Instagram. “They’ll find Carol Baskin’s husband before she ever get a penny from under my car seat….coming up next, a stop by the bank to dump this s### in….

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