Suntour XCR Fork Service – Disassemble/Clean/Lube/Re-assemble

Suntour XCR Fork Service – Disassemble/Clean/Lube/Re-assemble

I show how to tear down, clean, lubricate and rebuild Suntour XCR forks/shocks. This model has lockout. Periodic maintenance will help prolong the life of the fork and maintain performance. Basic service to keep your suspension working and from becoming stiff or frozen. The XCR fork models have varied over the years. This fork is a SR Suntour SF-14 XCR-32 LO Fork 29″.

* at 7:24 & 7:33 , I said counter-clockwise, but they should be clockwise.

* Use grease made for forks. I use Slickoleum which is also sold under the name Slick Honey. You can also use SRAM Butter or Judy Butter. Use of a grease not made specifically for forks can damage the plastic/polyurethane parts, or otherwise leave the fork not working properly.

Slickoleum 15oz:

Slickoleum 4oz:

Suntour fork tool:


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