Skateboarder is World's Youngest Olympian | Sky Brown

Buckle up! This is insane!! Sky Brown is going to the Olympics, and this video shows you what it takes to get there! Every girl with a dream should watch this video!

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Sky Brown is an 11-year-old skateboarding prodigy. She is going to the Olympics in Tokyo in 2020 as the youngest athlete to compete in 80 years! She is currently #3 in the world! In this video, she shows us some of her best moves, including one that no other female on the planet can do! She fell more than 20 times before she nailed it, and her perseverance was an inspiration to everyone watching. Sky has partnered with Skateistan to help children throughout the world. Her biggest role model is Leticia Bufoni, because she can tear it up on the skateboard and also be a “girly girl” in everyday life. Sky also surfs, waking up at dark every day to catch the best waves. She lives in Japan to surf and California to skate. She is INSANE!

Video by Sandy Chase

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