S2 ep36 #BillCollector Conversation with Gconnet Pt1(Lets talk music & Battle rap)

Today’s conversation is with the one and only PA finest Battle rapper Bill Collector.
Bill Collector stopped by Gconnet for a conversation with GEE2BEEZ as he details where he was born in the schools he attended as a youth
Bill Collector goes on to share the music he grew up listening to, As well as who he listens to today
Bill Collector details when he started rapping as well as Battle Rapping. He Also goes on to detail his favorite battle as well as his worst
Bill Collector goes on to detail Music projects That he’s worked on as well as what are you working on today with Method Man
Bill Collector goes on to enlightened the youth desiring to get into battle rap scene today
(To be continued)
Music by : @Gee2Beez
@disko_boogie & @coebookie
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Ghetto Henchmen (Chevy Swingin) Gee2beez (Money weed & musik)