RIOT: The Friendly Operating System for the IoT (If Linux Won't Work, Try RIOT) – Thomas Eichinger

RIOT: The Friendly Operating System for the IoT (If Linux Won’t Work, Try RIOT) – Thomas Eichinger, RIOT-OS

This presentation will start with RIOT’s perspective on the IoT, focusing on CPU- and memory-constrained hardware communicating with low-power radios. In this context, similarly to the rest of the Internet, a community-driven, free and open source operating system such as RIOT is key to software evolution, scalability and robustness. After giving an overview to RIOT’s overall architecture and its modular building blocks, the speaker will describe in more detail selected design decisions concerning RIOT’s kernel, hardware abstraction and network stack. Furthermore, the talk will overview the development and organizational processes put in place to help streamline the efforts of RIOT’s heterogeneous community. The presentation will end with an outlook on upcoming features in RIOT’s next releases and longer-term vision.

About Thomas Eichinger
Thomas is currently an active contributor and maintainer for the RIOT operating system and works as freelancer and advisor for companies as well as on several other projects in the IoT space. Driven by a strong belief in open standards and open source, he engages in the standardization of networking protocols for the IoT in the IETF and regularly participates in interoperability testing events by ETSI. In an effort to convey open standards and their advantages and increase awareness of open source software in general and RIOT in particular, he holds presentations and workshops in small hacker and maker spaces as well as bigger meetups and conferences.