Rarebreed FRT-15 Trigger: EVERYTHING You Need to Know

This is my first video. In this video I’ll be discussing the ins and outs of the Rarebreed FRT-15 Trigger. I will discuss how the trigger works, the problems with it, wrong information, and some of the modifications I did to make the trigger work 100%. If you like this video, please like, comment, share, and subscribe so I can get more content out.

Table of Contents:
00:00 Introduction
00:16 Disclaimer
00:35 What i’ll discuss
00:57 How does it work?
04:01 Issue: safe/fire ONLY
04:40 Issue: single shot firing difficulty
05:27 Issue: sometimes requires a lighter buffer
06:27 Issue: carrier eats the rear of the locking bar
07:29 Issue: pulling the trigger too hard
08:08 Issue: locking bar spring becomes kinked/deformed
09:21 Wrong Information: locking bar spring kink/deformation is caused by your finger
12:14 Wrong Information: you need to modify the carrier
13:27 V1 mod overview
14:18 V2 mod overview
15:57 Trigger return spring mod overview
17:31 Showcase: V1 mod
19:05 Showcase: V2 mod
21:33 Showcase: trigger return spring mod
23:02 Showcase: hammer spring mod
24:25 Conclusion

Parts discussed in the video:
– Trigger: Rarebreed FRT-15
– V1 Mod: Bolt Catch Spring + Gas Block Roll Pin OR Bolt Extractor Pin
– V2 Mod: Bolt Catch Spring + Bolt Catch Detent, Tools: 5/32 Drill Bit & 3/16 Drill bit
– Return Spring Upgrade: McMaster Carr Mil. Spec Compression Spring – 0.25″ Long, 0.18″ OD, 0.128″ ID, MS24585-1057 (Product #2022N117)
– POF Rebel Hammer Spring

Things to Note:
– My fixes and modifications for V1 & V2 are ONLY supposed to address the issue of the trigger spring kinking/deforming
– I said Armament USA will pay for the trigger, I meant they will fix it
– I referred to the hammer spring as a trigger spring

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