KOTD – Rap Battle – Henry Bowers vs Uno Lavoz | #WD3

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@KingOfTheDot – Henry Bowers vs @unolavoz215
Hosted By :@OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK & @ReverenceNS
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Rising quickly through the ranks, Uno Lavoz has quickly become one of the more recognizable battlers of his generation. Significantly more active than your average battle rapper, Lavoz has traveled to Canada, England, and Australia to battle in the past 12 months. Continuing to refine his style, the Philadelphia native that was once known for outrageous comedy has been moving towards a more bar based approach to battling, stepping up his performance and material to evolve his style. As part of his recent prolific run, Uno has taken on higher caliber opponents such as Jonny Storm, F.L.O., Kid Twist and Lunar C. Stepping back into the King of the Dot ring, Uno Lavoz takes on Henry Bowers for his second World Domination match.
One of Sweden’s frontmen for the battle scene, Henry Bowers is also one of the most unmistakable faces in battling today. With his massive beard and dreads, Bowers may look relatively intimidating, but the Uppsala emcee is known for his quick wit and ability to flip his opponents material. Able to rap in English as well as several other languages, Bowers has a commanding presence, able to capture crowds attention while he breaks his opponents down. Almost as well traveled, he has appeared in battles in England and North America, battling veterans in the game such as Dirtbag Dan, Dizaster, Pass, and most recently had a 2 v. 2 match with WRC champions Illmaculate and The Saurus. Also appearing in his second World Domination match, Henry Bowers takes on American Uno Lavoz as his next challenge

@KingOfTheDot – Henry Bowers vs @unolavoz215
Hosted By :@OrganikHipHop, @GullyTK & @ReverenceNS