KOTD – Rap Battle – Daylyt vs KG The Poet

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@KingOfTheDot – #TAKEOVER – @DAYLYT2k vs @KGThePoet
Hosted By: @LushOne, @AspectOne, @Malathion01, @KaoticNat & King Richard from SD
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Despite his status as a novice in the game, KG the Poet spits with a level of skill and cleverness usually attributed only to veterans. Only a year deep into his battle rap career, the Arizona via Michigan emcee may belong to the newest generation of battling, but has shown that he more than has the work ethic and natural talent to quickly rise to the top of his class. After having a very prolific first year in which he took on battlers such as J-Pro, Megadef and Uno Lavoz, KG looks to follow the momentum he built into his second year of battling. Possessing a commanding stage presence and a proclivity for witty yet hard hitting bars, the Poet remains true to his moniker with his complex and clever writing. Taking on his biggest opponent to date, KG the Poet steps up against Daylyt in this match from KOTDWC’s Takeover event.
Nowadays, any conversation revolving around battle rap will eventually turn to Daylyt. Despite, or perhaps due to, his antics, Daylyt has gotten just about as close to a household name as any battle rapper can, whether it be wearing a Jesus outfit under his KKK uniform in a battle, or stripping down to reveal all on stage, Daylyt has proven that he is the consummate performer, always bringing more than just his bars to a show. Coming out of Watts, CA, the Spawn-faced battle rapper has been all over the map as late, performing in Canada, Britain, and Australia and has commanded matches against the likes of Math Hoffa, Shotty Horroh, and Rich Dolarz. Always entertaining, Daylyt brings bars on top of bars, having coined several popular catchphrases and taking the concept of ‘wordplay’ to a new level. Back on KOTDwC camera’s, Daylyt goes up against newcomer KG the Poet in this first release from Takeover.

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@KingOfTheDot – #TAKEOVER – @DAYLYT2k vs @KGThePoet
Hosted By: @LushOne, @AspectOne, @Malathion01, @KaoticNat & King Richard from SD