How to make your Rare Breed trigger and rifle run. All the parts you need.

Hey guys, installed the rare breed on my new Palmetto State Armory AR15 10.5 inch pistol build. Here’s a list of all the parts I use to tune these triggers. Springco extra power buffer spring M4/CAR-15, Expo arms H3 buffer, Black rifle arms enhanced firing pin part#14081115, Patriot ordnance factory hammer spring Part#pof01773 hammer spring psg-22. I recommend getting some tungsten buffer weights, they sell them on Amazon and buy 5 extra buffers and change the weights on them in half oz increments. This will allow you to fine tune your gun without putting an adjustable gas block. If it’s shooting to fast and you want to lower your cyclic rate. increase your buffer weight a half oz at a time to get to the rate of fire your comfortable with. We don’t normally run them wide open like you see on the videos, we hust do that to show you the cyclic rate. It’s best to run these triggers in 3 to 5 round burst for accuracy. You can kill a ton of hogs when you use these triggers with a burst, gives you much better barrel control. Hope this helps y’all out, if you have any questions feel free to ask me, if I don’t have an answer I’ll get one for you. Hope you enjoy the videos, please like and subscribe and ring that bell icon to get all of our new videos. Thanks for watching, God bless all of you. Hank