Goodz: Daylyt vs. Serius Jones Is "a Gay Ni**a vs. a Weirdo" – Goodz shared his thoughts on the upcoming “Ether” battle between Daylyt vs. Serius Jones in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV.
Goodz isn’t too thrilled by this matchup, as he referred to it as “a gay ni**a vs. a weirdo.” He thinks that Serius didn’t look too good vs. Math Hoffa before the fight broke out, and believes that Daylyt’s issue is that he often relies on performing outlandish antics instead of rap for real. When Daylyt decides to actually rap, Goodz thinks that he is a very skilled lyricist.
Goodz went on to share his disapproval for Daylyt’s increasingly homosexual antics. Daylyt has gone so far with his gay trolling, that Goodz truly believes that he is attracted to men, or at the very least bisexual. He stated firmly that he will never battle Daylyt, regardless of if a contract was put in place that restricts Day from performing antics in the battle.