Funk Flex x @King Von – Lurkin (Official Video)

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7 months ago I hit Von in the DM, we facetime’d and sent him the track. We didn’t have a deep relationship…. He shared that freestyle on the spot wasn’t his thing but he mentioned that his pen game was mean! He sent me 6 bars… we listened.. tweaked it and he finished the song in about 4 weeks. He let me know he was coming to New York for his album so i asked to shoot the vid! His publicist said he has/likes Hellcat Redeye’s! When i met him he made it known he was gonna hit the drivers seat! 2 days later he passed. I have an interview i recorded that day but I’m not going to release it… no need. After Von passed we couldn’t find the session/vocals/track. Thanks so much to Dj Ted Smooth for working his magic on getting me the vocals to mix. Rest well Von… THANK U FOR THE OPPORTUNITY!

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THANK YOU TO HIS FAMILY, HIS MANAGEMENT, EMPIRE RECORDS / GHAZY, Thank You for allowing us to put Together a College Fund for the Kids.
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Directed By: @Juganot,
Produced by Funk Flex & BMCBeats, Strings By: Grant Gardner

Label: InFlexWeTrust Films & Records: Tat Wza, Sabrina B., Joe Jaxson, Emma, Nova, HR, AZ, Wil, Mike G., Clare, Seife, Pamela, Juganot Media, Quinn Films, No Cap Films, Basil

A&R’s: Hunter, Jayden, Dante, Alex

Special Thanks To: Maria, Orlando, Shaft, Gabby, Joie IE, Carl Chery, Ebro Darden, Tuma Basa

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