Eminem – Hard Act To Follow

One of my favorite Eminem verses
Year 1998


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Product of espionage
Piss drunk on pepsi and Scotch
Sticking my fucking foot up a lesbian’s crotch while pedestrians watch
Gangsters bow down to a mightier villian
There might be a million outsidaz
Hiding on the side of your building
Say goodbye to your children
Notify your next to kin
Bring some extra men
If anyone on your team expects to win
The effects of gin made me a smart ass with a bossy mouth
Six bouncers had to come and toss me out some coffee house
It ain’t a riddle
After you flat line in the hospital
While I’m in the middle row at your funeral wake
Fucking your widow
Someone call the nurse and tell her to strap me down I need a harness
I bleed bizarreness
Spitting blood like Kiss’es lead guitarist