Cassidy vs Aftons || Part 1 || Gacha Club ||

Hii guys!!
I’m so so sorry I took so long to make this!
I have a lot of summer school work that I have to do and other family events.

Also, I kept repeating the same song because I didnt have any other song to match the mood lol
There’s probably a few mistakes in this, sorry about that-

Anyway, as you can see I changed the Afton’s and a few animatronics designs.
I’ve also noticed I never explained Clara/Mrs.Afton’s death in my AU 🤔

She basically killed herself because after C.C and Elizabeth died, she thought that she wasn’t a good enough mother.
I’ll explain more of it and a few other things in my community posts.

Hope you enjoy!

Music is not mine, it belongs to their rightful owner.