Cassidy : My Battle vs. Freeway Birthed Battle Rap – Cassidy and Dizaster really went at each other’s neck in this clip from their heated press conference exchange. Cassidy began by challenging Cortez to battle his boy Chubby Jag, and also took shots at Conceited. He praised himself for being a supporter of the culture and also stated that his battle with Freeway is what truly gave birth to the popularity of modern Battle Rap. Dizaster fired back by stating that Cassidy vs. Freeway may have played a role in the development of Battle Rap, but that he sat back and watched as everyone else put in all of the hard work to bring the sport to where it is today.

They are both focused on proving their worth and solidifying a victory when it comes time for them to battle in December. Based off of the tension built up during the press conference, this battle is looking like it’ll be nothing short of epic. Who do you think will be victorious?