Can RARE BREED Even Come Close to THE BEST BOURBON EVER? | Rare Breed vs George T Stagg BLIND REVIEW

GLASS ONE: Wild Turkey Rare Breed, 116.8 proof, $50 retail price

GLASS TWO: George T. Stagg, 130.4 proof, $100 retail price ($650+ secondary pricing)

0:00 — Intro
1:04 — First Impressions
6:39 — Tasting Scores & Discussion
13:05 — Reveal & Reactions
17:35 — Consumer Discussion & Real World Scoring
22:44 — What We’ve Learned?


Rare Breed and George T. Stagg are both barrel proof bourbons from two of the biggest distilleries in American whiskey (Wild Turkey and Buffalo Trace respectively).

We entered this pairing into our blind sample pool to see if Rare Breed could even come close to comparing to the heavyweight that is George T. Stagg when tasting totally double-blind.

George T. Stagg is released once annually as part of the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection (BTAC) and is realistically only attainable through store lotteries or raffles due to extreme allocation, often commanding $600+ on the secondary market. Wild Turkey Rare Breed is a widely distributed and readily available product for $50ish in most markets.


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OUR OBJECTIVELY EXCELLENT SUBJECTIVE SCORING RUBRIC: We use common sense “thumbs up” scoring where one thumb equals one point, two thumbs up equals two points, and just okay is worth half a point in any given category.

Up to 10 overall points are available across 5 categories:

• NOSE: Aroma
• FLAVOR: Taste and overall flavor profile
• EXPERIENCE: Overall experience on the palate
• RETAIL SCORE: Price and availability
• CONSUMER SCORE: Would we buy a product again or not

Nose + Flavor + Experience comprise Tasting Score.

We then add Tasting + Retail + Consumer Scores together to determine our overall Real World Score.