Boskoe100 says he wants to fight " Gillie Da Kid " and speaks about " The Game "

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Boskoe100 speaks his mind on ” The Game “. His issues with ” Gillie Da Kid ” and how that arose. Boskoe100 has challenged Gillie to a boxing match, but says Gillie has yet to respond!



Big Court is a film producer/music exec and protege’ of music mogul Master P and Lieutenant of No Limit Forever. Sit down with Big Court as he delivers a unique brand of unfiltered content joined by some of the hottest names in entertainment to discuss the rap game, the streets, music, TV, film, pop culture and so much more. Joined by Ken Schoech “Producer Ken” an industry executive and his partner in crime for more than 20 years, they Hold Court over the current state of entertainment in the industry.

Big Court got his first experience doing radio with his mentor Master P as co-host of Doin The Most on Playboy Radio. It was Master P that noticed Big Court’s knack for insightful conversation and encouraged him to create a Podcast. Big Court’s keen sense of wit coupled with his intellectual and introspective commentary sets this show apart from the rest. The Holdin’ Court Podcast brilliantly blends the urban experience with current topics and popular culture as guests are able to document their journey on the show.

Big Court and Producer Ken’s intimate knowledge of the streets and entertainment lend credibility to the conversation as listeners walk away informed, inspired, and entertained.

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