Boosie on J. Prince's Interview about Takeoff's Murder: I Don't Speak on Gangster Sh** (Part 8)

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In this clip, Vlad asked Boosie about his thoughts on J. Prince’s interview with “Million Dollaz Worth of Game,” and Boosie admitted that he’s only watched clips of the interview. Boosie added that he “doesn’t like to see OG talking like that,” and he went on to speak about J. Prince calling him to get at him about cursing out his child’s mother online. Boosie stated that he didn’t have much to say about the interview because he has love for Prince and QC. From there, Vlad spoke about people that he knows praising J. Prince for being intelligent and calculated with his moves, and he asked Boosie if he was surprised if Quavo and Takeoff’s security is cooperating in the case. Boosie then added that he thinks it’s a “lose-lose situation” with both parties, and Boosie went on to react to opps banding together to get at someone else.