AHAT Rap Battle | Cali Smoov vs AK | California vs Utah

Vote for a winner here http://ahat.tv/rap-battles/ahat-presents-cali-smoov-vs-a-k-rap-battle.html On Tuesday July 2nd, proceeding the Interstate 15 Invitational MC battle, two of AHAT’s top up and coming battle stars go head to head in a One round, four minutes duration, bar fest. This battle was originally scheduled to be a headlining battle at the prior Saturdays event but while traveling from Los Angeles California to Salt Lake City Utah, Cali Smoov managed to get locked up spending a couple of nights in the Utah County Jail. As soon as his indie record label paid his cash only bail, @caliboysmoov headed to Impressions Retail LLC in Salt Lake City to fulfill his commitment with @ak801slc and AHAT to battle before eating, showering, or tending to a minor illness. Although the crowd was exclusive and intimate, the top battle MC’s in Salt Lake City gathered with less than four hours’ notice, late into the evening on a working week night to witness this battle classic in person and to show love and support for the artists and the AHAT Movement. This battle displays dedication, sacrifice, and integrity as both artists overcame trials and tribulations to ensure this battle took place. Both artist have a prosperous and bright future with AHAT and the Battle Rap industry as both MC’s are only 20 years of age and have already exceeded all expectations and goals. This matchup is a classic California vs Utah grudge match in which hard hitting punch lines, metaphors, and similes are used in abundance. Both artists implemented intricate schemes and powerful performances to make this battle an entertaining and debatable battle to view with friends and family over and over. Like, Comment, Share, & Favorite to support the AHAT Movement, thank you. AHAT has become the dominant battle league from the West Coast and one of the biggest battle leagues in the world. visit http://ahat.tv for more AHAT videos.
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