ABR Presents: Chef Trez vs Ness Lee | Any Given Sunday (hosted by Chris Unbias)

The King of The South Ness Lee faces off against The King of The Nawf Chef Trez in a winner takes all, who wears the crown for the best in ATL. Ness a legend in the battle rap scene is known for his lyricism, delivery, and flow faces his hardest opponent to date in Trez. Chef Trez the new URL sensation known for his for his delivery, wordplay, lyricism, and of course his freestyling ability has made him almost impossible to beat on any stage. Both emcees are crowd favorites and both highly respected in the Atlanta scene, its only right this battle takes place on the ABR stage. Make sure to subscribe and let us know who won in the comments. Shout out ARP representing Rare Breed Entertainment for coming to witness this amazing battle and showing us love.