Crash Crew — MC Wars

Crash Crew — MC Wars

Run DMC Diss – Produced in 1985?
From :

“Whats up family I bumped into my man Reggie Reg of the Crash Crew this morning on 125th street and we said our whats ups to each other and some how our conversation got to a cut that Sugar Hill did not release called M.C. War. It was geared toward trying to raise up some excitment, interest and beef with RUNDMC.

In fact it had the same beat for Walk this way, only 1 or two years before Russell and Rush threw the idea at RUNDMC. Reg told me because they broke away from Sugar Hill it was never released. Well now it is out and he feels he has some explaining to do because Run and them were actually cool and some Crash Crew members didn’t want to do it.”


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