Your Favorite NFL Player And The Interesting Stories Behind Their Jersey Numbers

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Your Favorite NFL Player And The Interesting Stories Behind Their Jersey Numbers

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NFL jersey numbers come with all sorts of fascinating stories.

The league has strict rules for jersey numbers, where players from certain positions are barred from wearing specific numbers. Only quarterbacks and kickers may don jersey numbers one through nine. Wide receivers can only wear numbers 10 through 19 or 80 through 89. Running backs and defensive backs are the only positions permitted to choose a number between 20 and 29. And so on…

Because of this, many players are just randomly assigned a number based on what’s available – however, some of our favorite NFL players actually have a really cool story to tell in regards to how they wound up with their current uniform number.

Here are some interesting stories behind the jersey numbers of 16 current NFL players…Let’s get to it…

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