100 Players Simulate Civilization in Minecraft

What if civilizations formed in Minecraft? In this video, we investigate this question by simulating human civilization in Minecraft with REAL players!

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To figure out which biome is the most advanced civilization, we put 100 players into different 100 by 100 chunks with limited resources. Each chunk features a different biome to test how a society would develop using a variety of resources. Will their people cooperate or will the region plunge into anarchy? If they survive stage 1, trade routes will open up and we will get to see unique interactions between each country!

This is Recreating Civilization in Minecraft, not the History of Humans! Everything from the primitive beginnings of society is rebuilt to established nations fighting to the death will be covered. This will truly test the theories of what if everyone was trapped in minecraft by rebuilding all of civilization.

A lot of planning went into this video! Shoutout to my admin Flare for helping a TON with the planning. The style of this video is similar to Primer, Wilbur Soot in parts. A large influence on this series has come from content creators like @Primer and @Wilbur Soot.

Thumbnail art by @Clown_Miser on Twitter

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